abt me!

(i'll add more when i think of stuff 2 add >_<)

i make stuff!!

my music stuff:

i make a lot of music, but currently my main 3 music projects are these babys. HATENA, COMPAQDREAMS & bootlegbby. here you can listen to a track from each below!!


my more clubby, french house, future funk like music! this is the oldest of my aliases!

(it's pronounced hey-tena (10-uh) btw if ur wondering!)


side project of staticy vapor vhs pop hip hop goodness i started a month or two ago, currently my newest alias, you can only find tracks on soundcloud currently

(no bandcamp yet!!!)


my hip hop project, i like to change up things w every release so every album sounds somewhat different!!

my art stuff:

it's a lil hard to post art on carrd cuz of size limits n stuff but i do do a lil graphic design (if u even call it dat) as a passtime! here is some of my stuff

currently i'm not taking commissions or doing art for anyone (and i don't think this will ever be the case) but if i open up ill update this page!

i listen 2 a LOTT of music!!!

some of the stuff i like includes:

  • hip hop (and a bit of rap)

  • a LOTTTTT of electronic!!

  • vaporwave

  • pop (a lot of 2000s era stuff like britney yea yea yea.)

  • french house (and related stuff to that matter)

  • a lil bit of rock (mostly shoegaze rn, still growing to like it)

  • plunderphonics

  • a biiiit of experimental stuff (wonky stuff and related)

  • some ambient (and drone), albeit the genre still isnt really my cup of tea yet

  • weird sad stuff lollllll

  • jungle, dnb, all dat stuff!!!

i collect music on physical media too! its usually just cassettes and vinyl i get but i get the occasional minidisc or cd or whatevs too!!

click my bandcamp fan page button or discogs one to check up on some of the things i have in my possession rn! i also have my rym below so u can see more of my taste, feel free 2 add me!